The Demonstration and Coaching Program

How often have you been to a workshop and thought; ‘This is all well and good, but it won’t work in my classroom’.

Well the proof is in the pudding and we stand behind our beliefs and demonstrate in your classrooms that the teaching methodology we deliver not only works with students, but they are more engaged and their learning and behaviour improves.

The program usually begins with either an afterschool or full day workshop on the topic of choice. Then the consultant needs at least two days to work in your school demonstrating and showing teachers can they can apply this new methodology. Lessons are planned with a classroom teacher and then others are invited to observe the lesson, review it with the consultant and plan how to implement it in their classrooms. The consultant also meets with the leadership team to set goals to keep the momentum of the professional learning.

Advance Teacher Training is a strong believer in empowering teachers to implement new methodology and we show how something that sounds difficult can be quite easy to implement. Seeing is actually believing!

The attached outline is what this program may look like in your school, but as always, these days can be negotiated.

Outline of Demonstration and Coaching Program

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